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Annual Campaign

In an effort to ensure long-term success of the Zeta Chi
Chapter, the Zeta Chi Alumni Association has created a new annual alumni giving
program. All donations will go toward the association budget and annual goals.
This year’s goal is $24,000. Donations will go toward the following:

• Bring the Zeta Chi Chapter Endowment fund to $10,000: $4,000 is needed

• Establish a housing reserve fund to ensure the chapter can sustain housing obligations during peaks and valleys: $5,000

• Grow leaders in Zeta Chi by sponsoring active brothers to attend Pike University: $2,500

• Continue to fund the ZXAA operational budget, which includes important items such as maintaining our Firetruck, alumni communications, and alumni events: $12,429

This new annual giving program is replacing the dues structure that has been in place. In order to accommodate our diverse alumni, we have established five giving levels.

$50+ Annually—Young Alumni Club

Reserved specifically for recently graduated alumni, which is defined as two years since gaining alumni status.

$100+ Annually—Distinguished Alumni Club

This is the most basic giving level.

$250+ Annually—1969 Club

Zeta Chi was founded in 1969. Celebrate our history with a gift of $250.

$500+ Annually—Garnet and Gold Club

For those alumni who can and are willing to give more to support the Zeta Chi goals.

$1,000 and Above Annually—Phi Phi Club

The top giving tier for Zeta Chi alumni. The Phi Phi Club is for those who strongly believe in brotherhood and supporting Zeta Chi at the highest levels.


Participating in the annual campaign has never been easier as monthly debits and online payments are now available on our website,
The Zeta Chi Alumni Association Executive Committee has already pledged its support and the undergraduate members are extremely grateful.


Those who choose to donate will receive recognition in The Zeta Chi Pikeline newsletter. Most importantly, these gifts will better the lives of our active members and ensure long-term success at Missouri State University. Our aim is for high participation in this program in order achieve our goals. We humbly ask for our support as we continue the Zeta Chi journey.


Jeff Counts ‘90

ZXAA President

(636) 675—5890 |